Sunday 3 July 2011

It's a journey

Been meeting many people on similar life journeys as me. Moving on from a job/career to work for themselves. It's been a rollercoaster ride at times but worth it for the chance to make choices for myself, rather than get caught up in others agendas and insecurities. Now it's all on me, but finding out I can do much more than I even I knew. The news for businesses is not always positive at the moment, but the opportunity to try something new or pursue a dream you've had for years is there,amidst the gloom of cuts, redundancies and financial strife. Good luck to all those taking that leap.
sculpture by Yinka shonibare

It can feel like you're skating on thin ice, but you can look good doing it!

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  1. Great image. Saw your bags last weekend, glad to see you've got them online.