Wednesday 16 November 2011

Living Doll!

Not a scene from some horror movie!

I attended a first aid training day course today and these are the resuscitation models we practised on. I have been looking to do a course like this for a while, so jumped at the chance when I spotted this one on the Stephen Lawrence Centre website.
I can now put you in the recovery position, perform CPR, clear your airway if choking; as well as dress your wounds and put your arm in a sling. Of course I hope to never have to use these skills (or rather attempt to use them) but one of the many good points made today was: it’s about giving someone in trouble more time, until the professionals arrive.
Performing CPR can give someone an extra few minutes which can make the difference, of not just surviving but avoiding brain damage. Despite years of watching ER, Casualty, and Scrubs, I learned CPR is actually about pumping oxygen to the brain, not restarting the heart, that’s the paramedics and doctors jobs. Also you don’t actually have to do the mouth to mouth part to successfully perform CPR, unless the unconscious person is Idris Elba, then I think it’s actually compulsory!

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