Tuesday 23 August 2011

In need of some arts and culture

Just realised it's been ages since I've stepped foot in one of the many art galleries and exhibitions available, literately on my door step, including Tate Modern, Dulwich Gallery, Horniman and South London Gallery. So aiming to get back to looking and learning, but as well as the big well funded institutions, will check out local spaces, independent galleries and community projects. Plenty to see to on the streets too!

Monday 15 August 2011

Two weeks left!

 Thank you for those who have managed to reach the exhibition I'm taking part in, still time to see some great artwork!

No even a riot could stop this exhibition! Lewisham Library survived last weeks events unschaved, as did much of lewisham which returned to pretty much normal within 48 hours, unlike other parts of the city.

Monday 8 August 2011

Weekend Riots!

There are comparisons to be made with riots of 1981 and 85, but there are also contradictions.

African Fashion Week

Made it down to couple of the fashion shows on Friday and the actual event and catwalk show were wonderful, showcasing talented, young, up and coming designers from the African Diaspora.
It's a pity more consideration was not given to the public who came to support it. Were warned about waiting times, but friends who went on Saturday waited for over hour and still didn't get inside along with hundreds of others apparently. I know it was free but!...also no toilets! Had to trot down to Liverpool street station.

All that aside congrats to the all the designers over the two days. Of the shows I saw Niniola House of Fashion and the RayoCollection especially stick in my mind.

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Another goal achieved!

Exhibiting my paintings!
 They're now on display in Lewisham Library's Limelight gallery, until the end of August, along with the beautiful (and buff) paintings by Jody Burton.
Do pop in and sign our comments book.

Excuse the picture quality, taken on phone!