Wednesday 9 May 2012

Mary Seacole statue at St Thomas' Hospital, London

I was taught about Florence Nightingale in school, but only heard about Mary Seacole after I left secondary education...unfortunately. Well things have changed and more people are heariing about the achievements and compassion of this nursing pioneer. So glad to read that a statue is to be erected, but apparently with some opposition! Mmmm

Mary Seacole also used herbal remedies learned from her Jamacian ancestory

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Friday 4 May 2012

SILK: Stephen Lawrence Magazine

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Elizabeth Catlett 1915-2012

Just putting together an article for blog, and read that Elizabeth Catlett had died, last month! I've been out of the loop recently so have no idea if this made any news over here...but it should of! I learned about this artist by chance really, about ten years ago. I wasn't taught about her ever in school, college or univ in any of the arts course that I studied, but when I did finally learn of her work and life, it reinvigorated me as a creative person. 
There was nothing this woman couldn't do with the 2D and 3D artforms, and she used them to express the issues which touched her as a black woman.
I kinda hoped she'd live forever!