Friday 9 December 2011

Clair Huxtable: Style Icon

Recently I was chatting with a friend about parenting and one of the questions that came up was: Which famous mother do I aspire to be like? My immediate answer was Clair Huxtable, from the eighties sitcom: The Cosby Show!
Well it looks like there are a whole heap of people who also admire this lady because blogs are springing up celebrating the style of this very smart, wise, straight talking and loved up mum.

So many clips to choose from, but I picked this one as I actually remember when I first watched this episode and just being blown away by the clever and very funny scene!

On UK television there was no one else like her. The fact that she was the first positive black female character I thought of (over twenty years later !!!!) says a lot about the show and the actress Phylicia Rashad. I was lucky enough to see her perform in the stage play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof last year in London, along with James Earl Jones.

Bet you ending up watching more clips!

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